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Built by an INSEADer, for INSEADers.

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Built by an INSEADer for INSEADers
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“My experience so far with Gilbert was very professional!
From efficient and flexible pick-up from my apartment, to excellent communication regarding logistics or expantion of storage time, everything worked smoothly!”



Moved from France to Germany and they handled the move of all my luggage, not only delivery but also packaging and preparation.
Highly recommendable if you don’t want to be sticking to standardised options. They adapt to what you need and just make it super easy for you.”



« Gilbert was a lifesaver. I was completely frustrated, short on time, had no car, and needed to find a way to store my things for the summer. I was just about ready to throw them away when I found out about Gilbert’s services. They came to my house, picked things up, and made things unbelievably easy. Highly recommended! »



About Us

I founded Gilbert when I realised that a lot of my INSEAD friends couldn’t find a reliable, easy to use, and affordable storage and shipping service. So I set out to change that and make the whole experience seamless. That’s how Gilbert was born. Today we’re a team of three, based in Station F, the world’s largest startup campus, and all dedicated to making your INSEAD experience as convenient as possible.
If you have any questions or comments, just reach out anytime, my WhatsApp is +33 6 03 18 06 16.


CEO & Founder of Gilbert, MBA 19J

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